Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down with Soft Loop - 14 Foot, 2 Pack

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happy customers:

Customer D Brown says

“These are great as they hold down my trail bike and they are long enough to use on other stuff as well. Really versatile

Customer J Lightning says

“The soft loop part is short which is great as it gives me room to fit the ratchet where my old tie downs wouldn’t fit as the soft loop was real long”


Can’t fit the s hook around your bike handlebars? Our soft loops solve this

These 14 foot soft loop ratchet tie down straps have been designed with flexibility in mind. We wanted to create a strap which not only could be used as a heavy duty standard ratchet tie down but also as a specialised soft ended tie down for bikes etc.

These straps, hooks and ratchets are rated at 3300bs breaking strength which means they can handle heavier loads like motorbikes.



  • At 14 feet these are the longest soft loop ratchet tie down strap on the market meaning they can be used for more than just tying down bikes.
  • Rubber handle and release which is moulded on so it won't fall off and is easier on your hands
  • The ratchet is a heavier duty grade made from high tensile steel to be strong whilst still light to easily handle. The large handle is easy to grip onto and get downward pressure on.
  • Strong steel hooks have been rubber coated to ensure whatever you fix the strap to won't get scratched
  • The strap is a heavier weight 1 1/16” width made from 100% Polyester which is strong and won't stretch like nylon straps. The seams are double sewn which means it will hold your load firm and tight without breaking
  • UV treatment on the straps ensure they don't degrade in the sun and last a long time
  • Free bag to store the straps in so you don't lose a part
  • Free instruction manual so you know how to correctly use these straps

Either use these straps soft loops to tie down your bike, motorbike or ATV, or use the standard S hook to tie down trailer loads, boats and much more. The benefit of a ratchet tie down over other styles such as cam straps, is that the ratchet allows you to tighten down on your load with more force than you can by just pulling on the strap.

We stand by our product and guarantee their performance 100% or we will refund your money.