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Installation Instructions:

  • Install using quality 3/8″ bolds and nuts
  • Ensure that the nut side of the bolt has an adequate-sized washer or backing plate to stop the bold from pulling through the fixing surface.
  • Ensure both fixing bolts are well tightened against the D-ring plate and backing washing or plate.
  • Ensure the surface being mounted onto is strong enough to handle the capacity of the D-ring. For example, mounting the D-ring onto thin metal is not appropriate as the D-ring will not break but the thin metal will distort and get damaged.

Safety Information:

  • Always inspect D-ring before use.
  • Regularly inspect D-ring parts for signs of cracking or fatigue.
  • Never use a D-ring that shows signs of corrosion, wear or damage.
  • Check fixing bolts are tight and have not loosened over time.
  • Always ensure free movement of ring. The ring should pivot 180 degrees.
  • Never exceed the safe working load capacity of the D-ring, which is 3,000 pounds.
  • Ensure the D-ring is used in conjunction with quality ratchet tie-down straps or similar equipment with a similar load capacity.
  • Ensure your load is properly secured. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage, injury or death.
  • For safety purposes, please refer to your federal, state or provincial regulations for the proper use of D-rings.

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