Bungee Cord with Carabiners Super Long 60” Set of 6 in Yellow

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happy customers:

Customer H Bonnie says

“I was looking for some bungees to use on my roof rack and these fit right across which is awesome

Customer A Jones says

“The carabiners are really great to make sure the bungee holds”


Bungee to short to fit around it? Not these ones!

These 60 inch bungees have been designed with versatility and strength. At this length these can be used on trailers to hold tarps down. Most bungees in the market only pull to a maximum 8 pounds where as our bungees pull to over 20 pounds due to the quality latex used in their core instead of inferior rubber. 

The carabiners are super strong and the spring latches mean that clipping on and staying on is a breeze.



  • There is nothing worse than the bungee not reaching: our 60” long bungees make reaching easy
  • Wide latched carabiner ensures it clips onto larger fixing points and won't fall off
  • Moulded Carabiner: ensures you can lock onto the anchor point & won’t bend, break or slip off
  • Latex Core: stronger & lasts longer than rubber cores & the UV treated exterior ensures a long life
  • Convenient 6 Pack: for tying down a tarp or tent you need those extra bungees to ensure it stays

These long carabiners are so easy to use on holding almost anything down. The length allows you to bungee larger items down or simply double them up to increase the holding ability for smaller items.

We stand by our product and guarantee their performance 100% or we will refund your money.