Ball Bungees - 60 Pack

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happy customers:

Customer Sean H says

“These outlasted our last tarp bungees by a long way. A year on and these still look like new where as our last bungees fell apart in months

Customer Jenny K says

“We have a marquee hire business and we needed some bungee ties which would be robust enough to go the distance. The strapright bungees are so good that we ended up replacing all our sets with these. They just feel better made and don’t slack off like the ones we used to use”


How many times has your bungee frayed or slackened off?

Overwhelming feedback during our research showed that the bungees currently on the market are made from a low grade white rubber which degrades quickly in the sun.

We sourced a premium black latex rubber core and a UV treated polyester outer to form the ultimate combination of strength and longevity in a bungee cord. We then got these assembled in New Zealand under a careful quality control – result: the perfect ball bungee

Other bungees in the market only require 8 pounds of strength to pull them to their maximum – a light breeze could do that. Our ball bungees need 30 pounds to pull to their maximum: that isn’t no light breeze!


These ball bungees include the following features and benefits for you:

  • Longevity – These ball bungees go the distance so if you are sick of crumbling sagging ball bungees, it’s time to make the change
  • Quality – made in New Zealand to withstand the toughest environments, be long lasting and maintain more than 100% stretch and recovery
  • Variety of Sizes – the 60 piece set comes with 20 bungees of each 12, 14 and 16 inch lengths and these are color coded to help you identify each size
  • Premium Materials – black rubber core has superior UV protection to other brands with white cores
  • Free Bag – because you don’t want to lose your ball bungees, we supply them in a convenient mesh bag to store them in one place

These ball bungees are so versatile that you can use them to secure almost anything: Tarpaulins, awnings, marquees, ski racks, tying down bikes to car rack, fix Christmas lights to rails…and the list goes on!

We stand by our product and guarantee their performance 100% or we will refund your money