Sometimes, you'll come across a product that is so simple yet so effective that you can't believe you were able to live your life without it for so long. A good example of such a product are "ball bungees," these teardrop shaped wonders are perfect for campers, photographers, construction workers, avid outdoor enthusiasts – pretty much anyone who needs to temporarily secure one item to another.

What are Ball Bungees?

A ball bungee is made up of the same material as a normal bungee cord, except instead of metal hooks on each end that can leave scratches on your expensive gear, ball bungees are looped and tied together inside a plastic ball. The resulting teardrop shape can be used to tie any number of items around any number of objects. Simply secure items by stretching the cord back over the plastic ball.

What are the Best Materials for Ball Bungees?

Ball bungees are made from natural or synthetic (latex) rubber cords that are bound together with a fabric covering. While natural rubber has the ability to stretch the most and is very resilient, it doesn't have as much resistance to air and Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun as its synthetic cousin. Therefore, the best ball bungees are made from synthetic rubber and come with a durable, hollow plastic ball that is able to withstand almost anything.

3 Uses of Ball Bungees

Ball bungees come in many different sizes. So no matter what you are trying to secure, there is always a bungee ball for you.

  1. They can be slipped through the eyelet holes of a tarp to fasten it to just about anything. The ball on one end keeps the bungee tight to the tarp and will hold it in place. Simply loop the rest of the cord back around whatever object you want your tarp tied too and then snap the elastic part back over the ball.

  2. A common mistake when trying to store hoses and cables is to wrap them up tightly and use one end of the cord to tie it all together. This can cause damage to the casing of an electrical cord or the plastic housing of a hose.

    Ball Bungees can solve this problem easily, making them perfect for construction workers, campers, emergency crews, hikers and many others. Securing hoses and cords with a ball bungee means no more twisted cords that make a mess, and no more damaged equipment that can be costly to replace.

  3. Because they don't scratch surfaces like other bungee cords that have metal hooks, ball bungees are also used by photographers to temporarily secure lighting when a light pole is not available. Their uses are only limited by your own imagination.

It's true that the simple things in life that bring great pleasure to those who know how to use them well and bungee balls fall into this category. Inexpensive, easy to use and durable, ball bungees are an improvement over the traditional bungee cord that is so simple, you'll wonder how you didn't come up with the idea yourself.