Ratchet straps are perhaps the most versatile tie-down options that can be used in a range of applications. They are mainly used in the transportation industry for securing cargo. There are other tie-down options people use as well, such as ropes and chains, but sticking to ratchet straps will serve you better for a few reasons.

First off, ratchet straps are easy and convenient to use; their ratcheting mechanism provides enough leverage to make fastening even the heaviest of equipment a breeze. You can even tighten and secure them with one hand. The drawback of using ropes is that they don’t offer the advantage of leverage and require some knot tying skills. Chains, on the other hand, are heavy and you need to use lever chain binders to secure them in place. This is much harder to do than just using a ratcheting mechanism that only needs a few cranks to get things right and tight.

With that said, where can you use ratchet straps? Read on to find out.

Where Ratchet Straps Are Used

Farming. When it comes to your hauling needs when performing farm-related work, ratchet straps offer plenty of flexibility and durability in that department. They can easily be fastened to places on trailers where small hooks can’t enter and be used to pull or tow equipment. You can even fasten feed stuff, such as hay, to a trailer using ratchet straps and get it to the animals with minimal hustle.

Storage. Sometimes you just need to fasten things to walls or ceilings to create more space in a storage area, and ratchet straps are well suited for the task. As long as the wall and ceiling has anchor points where the hooks can enter, they will keep whatever you are storing safe and secure. Another storage-related use for ratchet straps is fastening items together for easier pickup.

Transportation. As we mentioned earlier, transporting cargo is the main reason people purchase ratchet straps. And to be honest, this is the job that they are best option when compared to ropes, chains or bungee cords, which most people use instead of ratchet straps. So whether you need to transport electronic equipment or motor bikes, ratchet straps are the safest and fastest way to secure your load and move it from point A to B.

Shipping. When it comes to palletizing a shipment, strapping it to a pallet is easier with ratchet straps. They can be used to secure anything that can fit on the pallet, from large items to a bunch of boxes. The items will remain safe and secure even when the forklift comes to pick them up.

A Word of Caution

Yes, ratchet straps are very versatile, but that doesn’t mean you can use them to load whatever you want. You run the risk that they can snap on you, and this can cause a lot of damage and injuries – maybe even death. Always make sure that check the strength rating of every ratchet strap and make sure not to overload them.