When you want to safely transport your motorcycle using ratchet straps as tie-downs, then soft loops are a must if you want to protect the metal and paint from getting scratched. A soft loop is a strap that wraps around a tie-down point to prevent the hooked ends of ratchet straps from causing damage. Strapright, which is a company known for manufacturing some high-quality tie-downs, have made the best ratchet straps with built-in soft loops that are excellent for motorcycle transportation. Read on as we lay down a cumulative case for why this is so.

Many people rely on soft loops for various applications, but anyone who has ever used them for transporting motorcycles can attest to the following benefits:

Protects the Motorcycle

Since the soft loop is made from webbing with a soft texture, it won’t scratch the metal or paint of your motorcycle’s handlebars or stable components, providing more protection than a metal hook.

Fits on Any Tie-Down Point

S-hooks might not fit on some of the motorcycle’s tie-down points, and this presents a major stumbling block when trying to secure it to a vehicle. Soft loops can wrap around any tie-down point, allowing you to attach your s-hook to the soft loop instead.

Convenient Option

The fact that they can be wrapped around any tie-down point makes them a very convenient option as well.

Stabilizes Ratchet Straps

Once the soft loops are tightly wrapped around the motorcycle’s handlebars, they don’t slide and slip, making them a stable tie-down point for your ratchet strap’s hooked ends.

Why Ratchet Straps with Built-In Soft Loops are better

While purchasing soft loops for your ratchet straps is good for your motorcycle, having ratchet straps that already come with soft loops is a much better for the following reasons.

Best of Both Worlds

These ratchet straps come with the convenience of soft loops and the security of ratchet straps, providing you with the advantages of both straps in one.

They are sturdy

The high-strength webbing of both the soft loops and the ratchet straps is very sturdy and highly resistant, meaning that they won’t break while transporting your Harley or using them during any other heavy-duty tie-down operations.

Peace of Mind

You will be able to travel with your mind at ease, knowing very well that the soft loops and ratchet straps are keeping your motorcycle safe and secure.

Strapright’s Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Down with Soft Loops Straps (2 Pack)

Strapright’s product is a 14 foot long ratchet strap with an added soft loop that provides greater versatility for tie-down applications, making it perfect for motorcycle transportation. The webbing is double-thick, and this provides extra security when wrapped around your motorcycle’s tie-down points. It has a heavy-duty s-hook that features a locking latch mechanism that keeps the soft loops firmly in place, making them more secure than the standard soft loop and ratchet strap combination. The seams, where the ratchet strap and soft loop meet, have been reinforced with double stitching for greater strength, meaning you can have confidence that they can handle heavier motorcycles.

Other Benefits of Strapright’s Ratchet straps

The ratchet straps also provide the following benefits:

Extra Pulling Force

Due to the ratcheting mechanism that gives you a mechanical advantage when pulling the straps, you can easily tighten the motorcycle to your transportation vehicle.

Highly Durable

They won’t stretch or break easily due to their heavy weight polyester webbing, and they won’t degrade in the sun due to their UV treatment.

Rubber Coated Hook Ends

The rubber coating on the hooks ensure that even when the hooks are used without the soft loops, there is little to no scratches on the metal and paint.

Rubber Coated Handles

For improved traction and gripping, the handle and release sections of the ratcheting mechanism have been coated with thick rubber, making them soft and easier to work with.

Breaking Strength of 3000 pounds

You can use the straps to transport more than just your motorcycle, since the can handle very heavy loads.